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India is a country having such a suitable geographical location enabling the country to have ample access to rays of the sun.

An article says that India holds the position of 3rd largest producer of solar energy is among the various countries in the world.

Solar power industry is one of the fastest developing industry globally.

In addition if we talk about Orissa, it has also served its part in India to hold this position globally.

Above all the government of Orissa has also planned various projects to promote the use of solar energy.

Therefore knowing the benefits of using solar energy, we have listed down various solar solutions provided by Agarawalla Automobiles.


Solar EPC solutions are high in demand at the current time as limited part of the land available for individual use.

Let us know what is Solar EPC Solution.

EPC is the abbreviated form of Engineering, Procurement and Construction.

EPC solutions provide you with the benefit of customization. Here the solar solution will be provided to you by a team of highly dedicated and skilled members

First our team will analyze your requirement, perform a survey of the site and establish the best structural design for maximum power generation capacity.

Afterwards the team will assure to procure the necessary equipment from the best suppliers at the most possible affordable rates.

Lastly, the solar panels are mounted with the grid system connected with the existing power supply.

Below we have listed down EPC solutions provided by Agarawalla Automobiles.

i. Ground Mount Solar Panels

Agarawalla provides customized solar EPC solution as per your need and requirement of energy.

Installation of the Ground mount requires an open place where the sun is easily accessible

This place can be your backyard, the open space near your society or around your company to install a solar panel.

Homeowners, companies, gram panchayat, schools, hospitals etc can make use of Ground Mount Solar

They can make use extra space available with them as these Ground Mounts require comparatively large areas for its installation of mighty solar panels.

ii. Floating solar panels

Floating Solar Panels are of the most innovative EPC solutions.

Lakes, ponds, dams, canals, reservoirs, lagoons, etc. are useful for mounting these kind of EPC solutions.

The major advantage of Floating solar is that we do not require an extra piece of land to install them in places like hydroelectric dams, water treatment ponds, or drinking water ponds, which we cannot use for any other purpose

iii. Rooftop Solar Panels

This is one of the most used solar EPC solutions among other present solution.

Solar Rooftops are EPC solutions that we install on the rooftops of various places.

Rooftops of Commercial buildings, residential houses, companies, panchayat, hospitals, educational institutions, etc. are suitable for the installation of Solar Rooftops

The solar rooftop is popular for its major advantage, which is it requires less space

Its installation can be easily on the rooftops and it requires no extra space for the same.

This is one of the most popular and highly used EPC solution among other available solutions.

Below we have also mentioned additional services provided by us along with EPC solutions. Along with EPC Solutions

i. Operations and maintenance 

Most service providers fail at providing a smoothly working Solar EPC Solution.

They will do the major work of providing you with EPC solutions but many service providers don’t go with their promise of providing after-sale service.

At Agarawalla Automobiles we assure you to provide the promised maintenance services by monitoring and maintaining your installed solar solutions timely.

ii. Solar Finance

Installation of Solar EPC solution includes the higher initial costs but you don’t need to worry about that.

At Agarawalla Automobiles we provide you with the facility of solar financing to support you for installing solar solutions and take advantages of various benefits received from solar panels.

2. Overhead Solar Water tank

Overhead Water tanks are an effective replacement for electric motors

As they consume less amount of electricity to fetch out water for they can be taken for use in domestic purpose.

Usually, the installation of Solar Overhead Water Tanks is done for fetching water from ground levels.

Water from ground level is pumped up to the tank through motor pumps.

These motor pumps work on solar energy generated from sun for filling the tank.

Then people connect the tank with water supply in their houses for domestic usage.

We can make use of these pumps for domestic purpose as well in farms, panchayat, schools and many more 

Below is a testimonial video of Solar Overhead Water Tank.

3. Solar Products

i. Inverters 

There are two types of inverters On-grid inverters and Off-grid inverters 

A. On-Grid Inverter

On-grid inverters are the inverter that directly connects to the main grid along with the regular supply of electricity

The energy that generates through solar passes on to appliances through the main grid.

The main advantage of the On-Grid system is you have to only pay for the surplus energy used.

Besides, the net metering system also allows you to earn from the excess energy generated that remains utilized

B. Off-Grid Inverter

Off-grid Inverters are the inverters that do not connect to the main grid and require battery storage separately this serves as a major advantage of  Off-grid inverters as it is self-dependent and do not rely on the power grid. 

ii. Solar water pump

The Solar Water Pumps is generally very much similar to ordinary electric water pumps.

The major feature that differentiates a solar water pump from a regular electric water pump is that a solar panel.

Solar Panel connects with the pump and the same provides power supply to the water pump.

This type of water pumps is useful in farming, local panchayats, tube wells etc.

Solar water pump works well at places where the power supply is far away or irregular and inadequate.

At Agarawalla Automobiles, we also deal in various products of Waaree such as Batteries, Street Lights, Solar Mobiles Charger, Solar Led Lantern, Waaree Solar Bag, Electric Water Pump, BIPV Solar Panels, MONO Perc Solar Panels, Polycrystalline Solar Panels, Bifacial Solar Panels, Merlin Flexible Solar Panels, and many more.

In the below video we have presented a demo on Solar LED Lamp, do check out!

So these were the various Solar Solution by Agarawalla Automobiles.

We are the authorized partners of Waaree which is one of the well known companies in solar industry.

If you have any queries regarding any solar solutions please let us know in the comments below

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