benefits of using solar energy in india

Benefits of using solar energy in India

Solar energy is one the cleanest and reliable energy in today’s time. It is the energy that we get from the sun which is a renewable source of energy.

Everyone from residential houses or schools and colleges to commercial and industrial buildings make use of it.

People are now well aware about use and various benefits of solar energy associated with it.

Solar energy has eventually become a helpful resource that is a great alternative to traditional methods of generating electricity.

Below we have listed down some of the benefits of solar energy that you should know:

1.Helps in cutting down on electricity cost.

Installation of solar panels can help you save a lot of money on your electricity bills by cutting down your electricity bills drastically.

By more solar power generation from panels, our dependency on other sources of electricity will reduce.

Thus, solar panels proves to be advantageous to us in reducing our cost over rising electricity bills

2.Reduces carbon footprint.

Solar panels rely on the sun on the energy requirement it produces less pollution as they are capable of generating power without emitting any harmful pollutant,

Thus in this way, it works as a great asset contributing to the betterment of inappropriate climate changes occurring today.

As we start to consume green energy sources, we will be able to reduce the amount carbon footprint globally.

3.Low maintenance costs.

Solar Panels are cost-effective. There simply is a requirement for proper cleaning and good maintenance of the system promptly.

The life expectancy of the solar system is high and so we only have to bare the initial costs that can also be recovered in a less time.

4.Suitable for India’s climatic condition.

India is the country that has such a geographical location that lets the country have ample access to sunlight.

Due to this reason, solar energy works well for the country giving greater advantages to the citizen for the same.

5.No extra space required for its installation.

Many of us don’t think of installing solar panels as we think they require a huge space for its installation.

The same is not true as it is now possible that solar panels can be installed on the rooftops of residential houses or commercial buildings.

So we don’t have to worry about finding a dedicated place or creating extra space for installing the solar panels

6.Support from government initiatives.

The government provides immense support to solar initiatives. Not only on the grounds of residential houses but also when we consider commercial solar installations even there it helps in keeping the cost of solar power generation more affordable

Various subsidies are provided by the government on the installation of solar panels. Centre and state government provide subsidies to the people for installing solar panels and to use them.

7.Increase in the value of the property.

There are many reports relating to the estate that suggest that houses, commercial buildings or any place that have already installed solar panels sell more easily and quickly than those without solar panels.

So solar panels add ups to the value of the property in the calculation.

8.More than a single use of Solar Energy.

Solar energy is the source of energy for several types of equipment such as solar cooker, solar heater etc.

Thus it can be used for others purposes also rather than just generating electricity.

9.Solar power is cheaper than the electricity grid.

The higher cost is incurred in generating electricity using mediums other than solar energy. The energy produced through solar panels is sufficient enough to fulfil the energy requirement. Producing energy through solar panels helps people to save a lot of money. So where there is a constant rise in the cost of electricity, solar energy proves to be a better alternative.

10.Tax benefits from the Solar system.

Greater tax benefits and exemptions from certain taxes are provided by the government of India to its citizens on the installation of solar panels.

These benefits are provided with the motive to increase the usage of solar energy in the country over traditional sources of electricity

11.Access to a renewable source of energy.

We, in our schools, have already studied the sources of energy and their types such as non-renewable energy and renewable sources of energy and we all know how scarce these non-renewable sources are, so here there are major benefits of switching to this infinite source of energy-solar energy. Also, it will reduce our dependence on these insufficient resources for electricity generation.

12.Thinking about the future.

With the changing times, we keep on upgrading ourselves whether it is our closet or the latest technology also it is said that solar is the future and slowly with the replenishing of non-renewable sources of energy we will need a source of energy that is not going to over, so it may happen in future that all the technology working on solar energy having solar cells in them.

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So these were the benefits of using solar energy by Agarawalla Automobiles.

Seeing the current conditions where we face a lot of crises in the case of electricity whether it is rising electricity bills or frequent power cuts to rising pollution problems and harm done to the environment by the generation of electricity through fossil fuels.

Due to all such reasons, Solar energy works out well for us and also for the whole world.

I hope this article must have given you a clear idea about the benefits of using solar energy.

What are your thoughts on switching to solar energy?

Let us know your thoughts in comments below.

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